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We are OriginalPeople

We have been creating unique and amazing personalised products for you since

2013 and in order to achieve that, we have three core values


OriginalPeople cares about People

We create original gifts to unique people. With our customisable products you will make people smile!


OriginalPeople cares about Quality

Every single gift you design is processed individually, beautifully and handcrafted by us, and each of them are made with 100% love.


OriginalPeople cares about the Planet

We are constantly collaborating with NGOs to give children in developing countries an education. Also we support projects that fight the climate crisis.

We are part of an incredible team

that works smart to achieve our values

Fredrik Svensson

Fredrik Svensson

I'm a passionate entrepreneur, and with OP I can combine my big interest in IT with products that make people smile. I love building companies, generating more jobs and give people the opportunity to grow.

Mia Svensson

Mia Svensson

I like working with products that make people happy and feel good. That's why I love what OP does! I am a Swedish entrepreneur who lives in Spain. I am passionate about our planet and helping those in need.


Amirul Hakim

I'm a digital illustrator. OP is the cornerstone of my career path. I create all figures, animals and symbols from rough sketches to digital illustrations. I live in Indonesia, but work globally.


Ludmila Hunt

I'm from Argentina, I'm known for continuously looking for new challenges, I enjoy creating details and moments that make people feel unique. OP gives me the opportunity to work doing what I love.


Fabian Svensson

I consider myself a cosmopolitan. I love diversity and experiencing new things. The dynamic pace and multi-cultural ambient at OP makes it a unique and exciting working place.



I'm the team's best pal: passionate, happy and loyal. You have probably seen me on social media and all over our website. I'm a model and here to show you how handsome I look next to our products!


Maria Fernanda






Melker Svensson

I was born in Sweden but I've grown up in Spain. I love the environment and animals, which goes hand-in-hand with the OP culture. I am interested in sciences and technology, and here I have an opportunity to develop my skills.